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Device driver development for a digital Holter monitor device that features USB mass storage capability (compact flash storage). This device is used in the medical industry to record heart rhythms (ECG) over an extended period of time. Implemented USB selective suspend capability for the device driver, successfully passed the Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) testing procedures, obtained the Windows Logo Certification for the device, along with the digital signature for the driver.

Developed a Windows driver for a 3D motion control input device. This device provides 3D input via a system of touch-sensitive sensors to allow manipulation of computer generated and/or real objects in three dimensions. The drivers support power management for both APM and ACPI-based systems.

Developed drivers for a fingerprint authentication device that allows secure logon identification for users, based on fingerprint detection, image scanning, and authentication.

Developed software for a low-profile USB touchpad input device that uses a patented technology to allow full keyboard emulation with one light stroke of a finger or thumb for each character.

Developed system-level software, custom device drivers, and configuration software for a wireless handheld computer. This software supported a touch-screen interface, pen drivers, infrared communications, wireless networking, and power management software.

Developed customized system software and device drivers to support unique hardware features for the Compaq Armada series of notebook computers. These projects included the following:

  • Keyboard filter driver to support customized keyboard

  • Kernel mode driver to provide power management

  • Storage driver support

  • Infrared communications support

  • Hibernation and filesystem software

Developed a customized SCSI class driver that supports features of a Storage Area Network (SAN) controller system with multiple disk devices connected via Fibre Channel.

Implemented support for the National Semiconductor LM87 System Hardware Monitor to provide thermal and hardware monitoring for Servers, Workstations, and PCs. The LM87 features an on-chip temperature sensor, provides an 8-bit DAC output to control fan speed, and has eight voltage inputs for monitoring power supply voltages.

Developed software that supports the System Management Bus (SMBus™) and interfaces to I2C devices on embedded systems.

Retained by a research lab for a project using Analog Devices data acquisition boards. Developed software that provided direct access to the hardware for Analog Input and Analog Output, along with a LabView interface to the boards for higher level functions.

Developed software for the Axon Instruments Digidata series of high-speed data acquisition boards. This software provides a C programming application interface (API) layer, along with a LabView programming interface for accessing the lower-level functions supported by the hardware.

Developed instrument drivers for a proprietary thermal monitoring and control system. This software provides initialization, calibration, and real-time monitoring of data for a medical treatment facility.

Developed software for a real-time seismic data acquisition system. This software simulates a spectrum analyzer and provides two-dimensional display of multi-sampled curves, along with features to dynamically change the visual representation of the data (color bands, scales, plot types).

Developed software that simulates a strip chart recorder and provides real-time display and plotting of single sample log data. Supports automatic scrolling, manual scrolling, and dynamic update of curve colors, scales, and grids. Also supports user-selection of various bit-mapped graphic images for lithology overlays.


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