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Lori Pape

Principal Embedded Software Engineer




  • Expert-level knowledge of software development for embedded systems and real-time systems
  • Deep understanding of operating system internals and system architecture
  • Extensive experience with parallel processing, multi-threading, concurrency, and synchronization
  • Proven ability to support the full software product life-cycle, from concept to market
  • Customer-focused, self-directed, and highly motivated, with a passion for continuous learning
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills
  • Excellent communication and documentation skills
  • Multi-platform experience: Linux, VxWorks, LynxOS-SE RTOS, Windows, Android, TI DSP/BIOS
  • 10+ years of experience working 100% remotely, both independently and as part of a virtual team


Master of Science (MS), Computer Engineering, University of Houston Clear Lake

Bachelor of Arts (BA), Math Sciences, Rice University, Houston, Texas

Bachelor of Arts (BA), Psychology, Rice University, Houston, Texas


"Developing Self-Aware Mobile Robots". Integrated low-cost embedded microcomputers and sensor modules to create an affordable mobile robot test bed that is suitable for research in developing self-aware mobile robots. The hardware contained two major groups of components: high level cognitive processing components, and low-level real-time sensing and control components. Developed custom software and leveraged open source software to implement real-time computer vision processing, face recognition and tracking. Implemented additional features including servo motors for pan/tilt control, speech synthesis, wireless networking, and distance detection using ultrasonic range finders. Post-graduate work: added the ability to track faces in real-time, providing a simulated "look at me" behavior. Research interests: Cognitive Robotics, Artificial Intelligence


  • Real-time systems, embedded systems, and distributed SCADA systems
  • Firmware for a variety of microcontrollers, FPGAs, DSPs, and microcomputers
  • Smart phones, embedded devices, and IoT devices
  • Device drivers and low-level software interfaces
  • Servo motors for pan and tilt control
  • Distance detection using ultrasonic range finders
  • Interfaces using GPIO, ports, registers, and interrupts
  • Hardware interface protocols, serial, I2C, SMBus, UARTs, RS-232
  • Data acquisition, analog I/O, digital I/O, A/D, DAC
  • Power management controllers, battery power monitoring utilities
  • Computer vision processing, face recognition, and tracking
  • Wireless networking and communication protocols
  • C, C++, Objective-C, Java, and numerous assembly languages


PS Technology Corporation                                                                         1994 - 2005, 2012 to Present
Principal Embedded Software Engineer

As an independent consultant, provided contract software development for major hardware manufacturers, such as Hewlett Packard, Compaq, United Space Alliance, and AT&T. Selected project highlights are described in the following paragraphs.

Android Client Distributed Integration (CDIS) Project. As the Lead Android Architect, defined requirements, designed, prototyped and tested the low-level software to support Android clients for a large-scale distributed ticketing system. Implemented RESTful APIs to remote cloud services for distribution and deployment of software on Android clients. Designed and implemented a state machine that increases performance and robustness for Android devices, especially during loss of network scenarios.

Space Shuttle Cockpit Avionics Upgrade (CAU) Project. Full responsibility for the 1553 I/O manager and the Annunciation software. The 1553 I/O manager implements protocol handling for the MIL-STD-1553 buses connecting a triple-redundant high-speed color graphics display system for the Space Shuttle cockpit. The Annunciation software provides audible alerts and alarms when error conditions are detected, enhancing situational awareness and enabling the astronauts to quickly respond in emergency situations.

Cable Test Device Project. Implemented the Board Support Package (BSP) for a Windows CE based cable testing and diagnostics device. Provided the MSP430 driver for power, keypad, and battery control to peripherals, the driver for the Intel PXA255 XScale to DSP Host Port Interface (HPI), and the driver for the interface from the PXA255 to the TI TMS320 DSP.   

Ruggedized Handheld Terminal Project. Implemented touch screen support, virtual pen input, infrared communications, automobile docking capability, and power management for a ruggedized, wireless mobile computer.

Digital Holter Monitor Project. Contracted to debug and resolve critical path issues with a medical device, a digital Holter monitor that records heart rhythms (ECG) over extended periods and saves the data to flash storage.

Rack Mounted Server Project. Developed chassis, thermal and hardware monitoring software for rack-mounted servers and workstations. Interfaced to board-level sensors for temperature, fan speed control, configuration, and power supply voltage monitoring.

3D Input Device Project. Developed the driver for a 3D motion control input device, featuring multiple touch sensors for manipulating real and computer generated objects in a 3D world space.

Fingerprint Authentication Project. Developed drivers for a fingerprint authentication device that supports secure logon identification for users based on fingerprint detection and image scanning.

Fibre Channel Storage Project. Provided contract research and development for a custom SCSI class driver, which supports hot-swapping for a Storage Area Network (SAN) controller.


The Boeing Company                                                                                                                 2005 - 2011

Embedded Software Engineer, Real-Time Software Engineer

Future Combat Systems Project for the Army

Technical Lead for a virtual team of software engineers located across the United States. Designed, developed, integrated, and tested the SOSCOE Real-Time Edition. This is the first real-time variant of the middleware for a very large-scale distributed network system for the Army's Future Combat Systems (FCS) project.

As Technical Lead for several concept studies, investigated and prototyped various operating system targets for the SOSCOE middleware. Led the development teams in migrating the SOSCOE software to VxWorks, LynxOS-SE RTOS, and Windows.


Received the Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award from Microsoft (2005-2006) for contributions, technical leadership, and support in the Microsoft Windows Embedded product area



"Developing Self-Aware Mobile Robots", conference presentation, Workshop on Automation and Robotics (WAR) 2007, Gilruth Center, NASA - Johnson Space Center


"Power Management in Windows CE .NET", conference presentation, Microsoft Windows CE Developer's Conference, Las Vegas, NM


"Add Speech Capability to Your Applications and Games for Mobile Devices", live webcast, Microsoft Developer's Network webcast series


"An Inside Look at the Power Manager in Windows CE .NET 4.1", white paper, published on the Microsoft Developer's Network (MSDN)


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